A photo taken at the Cliffs Pavilion, from the balcony at one of the morning rehearsals for the Annual Junior Music Festival.

SEESMA was formed in 1980 after the Music Associations of Southend, Castle Point and Rochford were combined. The annual schools' Music Festival at the Cliffs Pavilion have continued and have now been running in Southend for over 90 years. 

Local Headteacher Derek Groom became resident director, a post he held until 2001, when current directors Jo Brown and Andrew Withams took over. The Festival has evolved and grown from one to five nights at the Cliffs Pavilion. In addition, SEESMA organise the Infant Music Festival each year, held in March. 

In 2023, 69 schools took part in the Infant and Junior Music Festivals with a total of 3218 children performing together over the 3 weeks!