2024: School Days

Our songs will take you through a very busy day at school!

Performances will take place between 10th and 14th June at The Cliffs pavilion, Southend. 

Area rehearsals will take place between 17th and 24th May at a range of venues. 

Please contact your school with more information about dates and for words and music links.

2023 "Me":a celebration of well-being and positivity

Performances for the 2023 Junior Music Festival took place at The Cliffs Pavilion, Southend during the week 12 - 16th June. We raised over £5,876 for the following charities:

Havens, RNLI, Mushroom Theatre Company, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance and Gold Geese.

54 schools, with 1776 children took part over the week!

Thank you to all the children and teachers that worked so hard to make the Festival so successful, and to the families and friends who helped, came to watch or donated.

2022: A Night at the Musicals

A very successful Junior Music Festival took place in 2022, with 47 schools, with 1420 children taking part and making music together at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend

In total, over £4,265 was raised for thr following charities:

Carli Lansley Foundation, Mushroom Theatre, RNLI, Eassex and Herts Air Ambulance and Ewan Lane Music Foundation.